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Getting Started with HR HUB 360


Our platform helps managers/HR to track and manage PTO requests/balances of employee. Also provides HR the flexibility to manage time-offs in proper and timely manner.

Time Card Management


Welcome to HR HUB 360! Now that you are here, we can better explain how HR HUB 360 is organized and how to set things up, so you can get most of your account.

New Time Card


HR HUB 360 allows submitting weekly timecards. It allows to save in draft, submit, ability to attach client system time card documents. It has advanced features like auto populate company holidays. The manager or admin must assign the project with start date and end date to submit timecard.



A smarter way to manage all HR related things in one place.

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Go to HR HUB 360 and click on LOGIN and enter your email address and password which can be found in the Welcome email sent by the tmsHUB.

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