Role based Security roles and access permissions.

Organization Level access of Employee Information & PTO, Capability to support new employee setup on the behalf of Employees, Override PTO Balance

Our platform People Center has secure environment with multiple role-based access controls to makes admin job easier by establishing separate the privileges to employee, manager & admin.

Typically, before joining the company your account will be setup using personal email and it will be changed on your first day of employment will be updated to the corporate login.

Configuring Permissions to Particular Role

Using HR HUB 360, you can set permissions for various roles created and hence streamline your workforce.

Managing Your Employees

Employees can even update their personal information’s through web or mobile device by ensuring their information is always up to date.

Account Provisioning

By using our People Center module, new hires can be provisioned login accounts automatically during onboarding.

Real Time Data Syncing

Employees can update their own personal information’s from any device, and their data will automatically sync across the whole HR HUB 360 platform.

Keep accurate profiles

Easily manage key data about every employee from contact information, profile photos and history of employment.

Retain a full history

Retain full history updates of employee’s personal information, employment details and etc…

Instant Access

Instant access directly to Dependents, Direct Deposit, Identification and task from people center about particular employee.

List of Actions Able to do Under People Center

  • Add new roles and assign permissions for the created roles
  • Define the access for specific users
  • Assign administrator permissions for another user who is not an administrator
  • Employee typically assigned to Employee/Contractor role and will have limited access.
  • Managers will have manager roles; this allows managers to manage all their employees.
  • Administrator will have great level of flexibility to control the data mask, data limit, access rights and limiting the access to modules.
  • All employees by default assigned to Employee security role this enables to perform all standard and routine tasks.
  • Global administrator able to perform certain functions that can do across various modules in HR HUB 360.

Role based Security roles and access permissions.

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