Payroll Made Easy

Our platform simplifies your complex and tedious payroll process with our state of art technology with Real-time Timecard integration and PTO. You can run any number of unlimited payroll from anywhere using any smart device.

Our online payroll is the easiest to use and most powerful solution for small, medium and large businesses. Consolidated set of activities involved in the production of the payroll, capturing the data and controlling it along with the calculation of allowances, deduction, benefits and the net wages.

Our solutions, delivered through innovative technology-enabled services, help simplify payroll, ensuring compliance and accuracy, while offering insights and payroll expertise to help improve your business decision-making.

HR HUB 360 will make sure invoicing and payroll data integration is seamless. You can spend less time on payroll and more time making a difference in your business.

Seamless integration makes your organization's life easier

HR HUB 360 is compatible with most popular payroll and accounting software's. Export your data with one simple click.

Payroll Integration made simple in one place

Platform provides flexibility to process payroll using non-integrated/integrated timecard module. It considers all timecard entries, validates PTO based on individual balances / Company Holiday Calendar and provide support to prepare payroll and allow admin to override any changes.

Payroll Integration made simple in one place

Helps to process your complex and tedious payroll, which was a typical and time-consuming activity

Unified HR and Payroll

Automatically keeps your HR and payroll data in sync.

Time Integration

Import hours worked, and pay hourly employees easily and accurately


Stay compliant with local, state, and federal laws. Review by certified Payroll CPA for each Payroll RUN

Year-End Reporting

Handles to run unlimited W-2s, 1099s, and more.

Employee Access

Allow employees to view pay stubs anytime from anywhere history.


One Stop place where you get details on processed payroll, yet to be processed & who processed and when

Unified data

Our Payroll can use for existing employee data to help unify your payroll and employee management.

Easy & Reliable Payroll Process

Auto Validation

Platform does auto validation based on Pay Period/PTO balance


Helps to manage employee payroll and stay compliant

Auto Verification

Does verification of employee timecard based on Pay period

Pay Cycles

Customized organization based pay cycle


Access to YTD earnings, automatic calculation of YTD Earnings

Audit Changes

Capability to audit active employees, pay rates, wages, and tax withholdings


One Stop place where you get details on processed payroll, yet to be processed


Make it easier to manage Payroll

  • Billable/overtime/PTO as necessary
  • Instant Access to Payroll, Run Unlimited Payrolls
  • Real-time integration with Timecard
  • Benefits and time tracking built right in
  • Review by certified Payroll CPA each Payroll RUN
  • Maintain history of both Timecard/Override Payroll
  • Supports Multiple Payroll Types
  • Real-time decision-making with respect to data for pay out

Compliance and Accuracy

  • Instant Access to Payroll Compliance
  • Process, Validate & Approve increase accuracy
  • Auto-calculations for fewer mistakes
  • Platform list only the eligible employees for the pay period
  • Customized Pay cycle can be configured
  • Local, State and Federal Compliance
  • Run Payroll from anywhere with instant access to Data
  • Process, Validate & Approve increase accuracy

Simplify your complicated HR & Payroll operations from 'HIRE to RETIRE'

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