User-Friendly, Affordable Solution to Tracktime

HR HUB 360 Platform helps to track billable, overtime, time off and manage PTO requests. Platform also provides HR flexibility to manage all vacation, sick leave and other paid/unpaid leaves in proper and timely manner. Intelligent Platform supports with rich notification for timecard submissions, approvals, rejections and system monitors automatically missing Timecards.

Instant Alerts,
Manage Time

Plan and approve employee time with ease. Manage projects, understand employee availability, and make smarter management decisions from anywhere.

Time Entry Has Never Been Easier

For some businesses, tracking employee time can be challenging. Our time tracking module easy for everyone, helps the management team run the business

Time Off Management Made Simple

Whether you need to simply record PTO accruals or require an end-to-end leave management solution, our platform integrates seamlessly with our core time tracking module.

Approve Time Off with Ease

Make it easy to select a time off approver to streamline the time off approvals process. You're Just single click away from approving or rejecting time off.

Automatically Accrue Sick and Vacation Time

Easy to set up the amount of time specific employees should accrue, so employers are aware how much time off is available for any user.

Users View Their Time Off Easily

Highlights remaining vacation time, sick leave, and any other non-billable hours they have accrued. Never again will you have to answer the question: "How much vacation time do I have?

Holiday Time Off

Easily manage company holidays in one central location! In seconds, you can update all employee Timecard with the paid holiday hours offered by your organization.

Review Overtime Hours

Did your employees work more than 8 hours a day? Or more than 40 hours a week? Our overtime reports make it easy to quickly analyse overtime hours.

New Timecard

HR HUB 360 allows submission of timecards. Users has an option to clone timecard from previous week. Our system allows cloud-based document upload to keep tracks client or projects approvals or related documents.

Track Time

Easily track employee hours, over time, time off - whatever you need to run your business


Easy to clone timecard hours from previous week values.


Manage overtime hours and missed punches to ensure compliance.

Bulk Approve

Make Bulk approve time-off requests in Single click


Gain detailed insights on hours, employees, and more.

Import to Payroll

Transfer timecard data to payroll for accurate and error-free processing.

Admin Dashboard

View and manage your entire hourly workforce in one place.

Custom Overtime Reports

Overtime reports can export to HTML, PDF, or Excel for easier sharing with your team or integration with payroll.

Track, Manage, and Plan Employee Time with Ease

Access from Anywhere - Access Employee PTO/Timecards from anywhere using any smart device.

Bulk Approvals - With a click of button can bulk approve team timecards.

Reminders made easy - Saves time chasing down incomplete timesheets using timesheet reminder.

Real-Time timecard - with Payroll

Client Managers can approve/reject -timecards of employees with a single click.

Instant preview -to company holidays, PTO balances and recommendations.


Our Intelligent platform automatically detects and provide recommendations to employee any missing timecards and time card that need attention. Our Message center keep tracks all notifications and reminders together to reduce the clutter.

User Friendly, Affordable Solution To Track Time, All in One Place

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