PTO policies as unique as your team!

Paid Time Off (also known as PTO or personal time off) is compensated time away from work, provided by an employer to employees for them to use as they see fit.

PTO is often measured in hours and classified for different types of absences like sickness, vacation time, and personal time. Platform allows to set appropriate PTO plans & monitor and provides guidance/notifications on deviations with PTO Summary/Approvals.

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    PTO Plans

    Our Platform allows to create as many PTO plans like Intern, W2 Full Time Plan and etc.

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    PTO Deductible

    Allows to Create PTO Deductible with Custom values

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    PTO Waiting Period

    Waiting period is a block of time you have to wait before health coverage and PTO kicks in. It streamlines access to company benefits and PTO.

Allows to set appropriate PTO plans and monitor

PTO is subject to supervisory approval and not every employee can take accumulated time whenever needed or in Year-end.

Notifies the employee and updates their PTO balance automatically. Employees has clear visibility of available PTO based on organization accruals; and monitor themselves PTO over the course of a year without losing accrued before calendar year.

Employees feel the company trusts them with their choices and become more responsible in using their PTO.

PTO Policies

Create and manage your company’s PTO policy. It will be made available to your employees and automatically fed into other areas of HR HUB 360.

PTO Balance Calculator

PTO Balance is calculated automatically, so employees time is  not wasting to counting their vacation days

PTO policies as unique as your team!

Customize your PTO policies to fit your team’s needs, then run reports with a click of a button. It’s all organized by date, department, or employee so it’s easy to navigate.

View time off changes within click

Your team can easily view their own PTO changes right from their HR HUB 360 account

Give the time off need your team

Once PTO policy is set, employees can submit time sheet with vacation and sick days for approval - or managers can submit time-off on their behalf. It all syncs to payroll automatically.

Protecting Both Worker and Employer

Improves the employee-employer relationship and the loyalty of the employee towards the organization. The employer need not cash out for the unused PTO when an employee quits.


  • Can create customize PTO plans like Intern, W2 Full Time Plan etc.,
  • Able to add PTO Deductible with Custom values
  • Can add accrual of PTO Plan based on Waiting Period
  • Instant visibility to Employee PTO
  • Override PTO if necessary and add/update hours
  • Supports various PTO updates frequency
  • Ability to make PTO items as Paid/Unpaid
  • Build plan with all relevant details including type, hours, waiting period, frequency schedule, carry over period, allow deduction hours and mark as paid/unpaid.
  • Each plan can be marked as draft, published, expired or cancelled status.

PTO policies as unique as your team

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