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Most Intuitive Document Management System

HR HUB 360 made all Document create, update, upload, sign online and stored in secured place. Documents are accessible anytime anywhere by secured login for stipulated time.

Our platform is powerful, secure, and easy to use web-based document collaboration solution that converts your organization into a green & paperless workplace. It helps to Store, Track, Share, and Manage the documents.

Manages all documents at one place including Employee, Onboarding, Client Management, ESign. There is an additional features like set expiry dates, mark as confidential and control who should have access to files. All your files are in Cloud storage.

Save time, money, and Stress.

Our platform E-sign makes the whole document signing process digital and gathering signatures is fast, organized, environmentally conscious, and painless for everyone involved.

Secure your Information

80% of the information exists in paper or electronic documents isolated across different departments. Drop everything here and get anything on time

Document management made easy

Signed document reports determine which documents are complete and which are still pending, so you can prevent compliance queue and keep processes like onboarding and document management moving along.

Pending signature documents notifications on track

Platform get a friendly reminder at the top of their screen if employee have outstanding forms to sign—no need for shoulder-tapping. So, employee can document signed and returned in a timely manner.

Expiry and notifications

Define the document expiry and get notifications and reminder. Get notified when document is modified or expired. Set reminders on documents that require attention later.

Role-based permissions

Give users only as much access as they need. Use roles like viewer or administration when you want to involve your employees but don't want them to make changes to your files.

Always available

Access will be there for your team whenever they need. Work from home, client locations, or on the road. Stay documents synchronized with your work, online and offline.

Populate documents with ease.

Build documents from scratch or upload your own Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or fillable PDF files.


No tampering, damaging or misplacing of documents with highly secure and encrypted capabilities keeping away threats like ransomware. Ability for system admin and users to control the file sharing through roles and permissions well-defined for safe and secure sharing of files


Create customized contracts and agreements that will streamline getting business done.

Administer your team document

As an admin, monitor your team's activities and manage your team files. Understand your team better with customizable reports including file access permission, make document confidential, and more.

Company Documents

File, update, and categorize your HR documents with separate folders by Privacy, handbooks, Non-competes and Your own custom documents

Document Center made simple

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